Life is  holy and mysterious. Every thing that happens to us in our lives is directly linked to a next step we need to take in order to learn from it. Every event in our lives teaches us something we will need in our future and  we can seldom avoid the pain experienced  in those crucial moments. I wanted to share with you something that happened to me long time ago and I do it so someone out there can receive some kind of hope from my experience.


I have met some bad friends and it has really been difficult to to understand that I had to take distance from them  if I wanted to be happy. I have distanced myself from those friends now but there was a time when, like a drug that I could never give up,  I could't keep distance from their presence in my life.

I always let them approach me in the intimacy of my home, in  the sacred sanctum of my thoughts . Countless  times I failed to choose what was best  for myself  if I was with them.

I struggled to find my own inspiration but it was as if this friends of mine owned me and directed every step I took. I was blind and helpless if they held my hand. They were tall and strong… they ate all my food and drank all my water. They silenced my voice.

A special day I realized that I could not  go on serving two lords… I had to choose if I served the lord of my friends ..or I served the Good Lord who was always knocking on my door and never gave up on me even if I never even gave Him a good look. I have heard Him calling from afar but he was too boring for me in that time and my friends were so much fun until the day came I lied destroyed and abandoned by them in the empty valley of sorrow.

 I thought those friends would be there to support me and get me out of any mess I could get into but they were gone as soon I fell into the darkest abyss of my mistakes. Cruel deceivers they were. 

As I laid there in the  deepest darkness of the empty silence… suddenly in a magical moment  I opened my heart for the first time ever to a dim light that offered some rest to my soul which laid naked in this narrow and dirty hole .

I heard the gentle voice of  someone who used to always knock on my door and call me from afar. I raised my eyes and there He was with a  giant smile  on his face and a long rope in his hands to help me get out of that dark and empty abyss. I reached the top  just when he gave me his hand and gave me a last pull to freedom . He  then hugged me as if he was welcoming a lost daughter , as if he had always been there waiting to help me in times of trouble. His eyes filled with tears as He watched mine for the first time watching His… He said… Im so happy to see you unharmed.. come I will take you home where the truth is.

Since that day  I have enjoyed his presence and the many blessings he has pured over my head. Sacred ointment of  peace and love in my heart . In my house the only door that opens is that one for my friend and keeper  The Wisdom . My other friends..  called envy, anger, rebellion, lack of love, hate , indifference, overindulgence, lust, pride and lies that used to destroy me are kept far away from my beautiful palace. The light that shines in me does not allow them to find their way back to me. They left me there in that bizarre place abandoned to my  luck . Fortunately they were  wrong to think  that I was lost forever in their trickery and malice.

My life began when I held His hand and when He with those eyes full of love  and certainty held me against His loving self and  in that supreme moment He made me a complete self for ever.

Evy Pineda