I was gladly impressed and touched by the colorful and wonderful art of Esther Ziher-Ginczinger. Her exhibition took place in our city Brunssum in Limburg ,The Netherlands. She talks directly to the heart of the child we all have inside. Her stories are meaningful, easy to connect with and they have plenty of that innocence we all need in our daily lives. She is refreshing and alive and she reflects it in every piece of this wonderful exhibition. You can visit her website at  http://www.e-ster-art.com/


Life is  holy and mysterious. Every thing that happens to us in our lives is directly linked to a next step we need to take in order to learn from it. Every event in our lives teaches us something we will need in our future and  we can seldom avoid the pain experienced  in those crucial moments. I wanted to share with you something that happened to me long time ago and I do it so someone out there can receive some kind of hope from my experience.


Cuando los anos pesan en los ojos sabes que has  vivido, amado y llorado. Las generaciones tienen que aprender  las unas de las otras, pues no todo esta dicho aun. Los jovenes aprenden de la sabiduria que se desprende de la experiencia de sus mayores  y los mayores a su vez se ayudan a recordar con la inocencia y  la vitalidad de los  mas jovenes.

Recordar y poner en practica  las experiencias de antano es  algo dificil para los mas adultos como igualmente dificil es , aquietar el ansia loca de los corazones de los jovenes impetuosos de hoy. Si pudieran fundirse en un abrazo eterno la alegria y  la sobriedad reinaria en este nuestro mundo la igualdad,  la fraternidad y la justicia.

Evy Pineda