Evy Pineda,

She was born in Tegucigalpa ,Honduras in 1968. She  studied at Elvel School which is one of the most prestigious schools in the capital city. At this school she received training in essential art techniques, supported by a talented faculty who provided individualized feedback on her work.

She has travelled through magical lands such as Colombia, Finland and The Netherlands. Each country has left a unforgettable impression in her life. Colombia with its rhythms and people imprinted in her wonderful  life changing memories. Finland the land of white silence gave her a spiritual birth and with it a wholesome life experience.

Now she lives in Limburg, The Netherlands which has given her the freedom to develop her new born love for life and art with all the melancholic and loving memories that lay deep within. Evy recently returned to painting in January 2010.
She is a naïve painter and has invented her own expressive and stylistic alphabet. She started  just recently  to paint in 2010 motivated  by melancholic and loving memories that lie deep in her. She also is a writer in her free time. She began when she was 12 yrs. old  and continues to date. She writes mostly in spanish and as a hobby.

Influenced by Cubism in her search for her own method of expression and interested in both her life story and limitless imagination, she created big-medium church stained glass like paintings in a personal language. Her basic themes are nature, her life story and the man-made world of buildings. Her works, although simple in appearance, are complicated in their inner meaning.
Her techniques of handling brush and color are individualist in her choice of subject matter and tonalities. Her work is forceful, poetic, pleasing to the eye, and emotionally stirring. It is passionate in feeling and indicates a love of nature in all its aspects and a strong sense of the fusion of colors.

Her works are dramatically lit and colored almost to a formula: deep-blue water and skies; richly green foregrounds sharply distinguished from blue and green mountains.

Her style is constructed of strong colorful  geometrical planes that catch  the color like prisms or reflect it from solid surfaces . Her art  sometimes  has hard, encompassing flat, prismatic shapes, crisscrossing diagonals, and streams of light.    EVY PINEDA - YouTube